Coral-Labs. On new collective movements! 🌿

Corallabs is a program that promotes collective knowledge through feminist and de-colonial methodologies.

It is a research experience where a group of people linked to the performing arts and feminism meet for six months. For this program, the group welcomes different practices/artists who propose work-sessions based on their own artistic practices and lines of creation always related with how think, develop and sustain collectivities.

Parallel to these meetings, the group works on the accumulation of material, reflection, the relationship of information and the generation of possible proposals. In Corallabs we practice research, collaboration, and address political urgencies in the work of developing feminist practices in the performing art world.

Corallabs wants to propitiate a space of investigation open to the process of each individual that is also open to the process of a group.

Corallabs aims to be a space for research, training, questioning and the flow of information; a place to share practices, ways of thinking and generate encounters and interconnections.

The first presentation of Coral-Labs was at Kaai theater on the 7th of March 2020.

One of the branches of this project is Plant Readers Club! 🌿 The first reading groups started at Kaai studios in October 2020;